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Current List of local HOUSTON area game developers


Indie Game Devs

Corv Studios

Hygoon Studios

Random Features

Piko Interactive

Lava Level

Zeboyd Games

Level Up Labs

Killer Bee Software

Foolish Aggro

Wing Whackers



Middleware Solutions

GameBuilder Studio (Adobe Air)

Thinksquirrel (Unity)


Board Games & Table Top

Dark Skull Studios

Kraken Games


Corporate Studios


Bouncing Pixel

On the Level Games


If you are a developer in the Houston Area and would like to be listed get at us with @HoustonGameDev on twitter or use our If all that fails then email contact -at- and someone gets around to checking it. (about every week or so its cleaned).

Requirement for being listed: You must have at least 1 title shipped or in the process of shipping. Our site is for showcasing work, not a site trying to make your ‘dreams come true’ site. Make something (not conceptual) then get listed!

You may have something in the works, but it needs to be somewhat functional to make the showcase. Proven with video or a working alpha,beta.



  1. Eleazar Galindo

    Although Im not a game developer

    I just opened up a Game developing company here in Houston Texas, It concentrates in Retro games.

    we are going to be releasing games for the SNES and the NES!

    Im about to launch a kickstarter for a SNES Multicart release!


  2. admin

    Feel free to email us contact @ houston game dev dot org with the details Eleazar!

  3. admin

    Got you up there now. Anyone else get at us here in the comments.

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