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Major release from Zeboyd Games! | October 24, 2012


Houston’s Bill Stiernberg has let us know about their upcoming major release from Zeboyd games that everyone has been anticipating!

Rainslick 3 to be available on Thursday, October 25 on new platforms: Mac, iPhone / Ipod Touch, iPad, and Android devices !!

[RELEASE UPDATE!]  Here are the links:  For the Mac  –   For iOS Mobile Devices  – For Android Devices

  • Mac version will be available on Steam
  • Those who purchased Rainslick3 for PC on Steam will get the Mac version for free (via Steam)
  • The mobile versions will be priced at $3 – Launching with the new versions will be a free DLC addon called “Lair of the Seamstress”
  • Lair of the Seamstress is a completely new dungeon with a host of new enemies. The dungeon will start players out at a low level to challenge them against numerous foes representing the various classes of the Seamstress’s Pins. Each time you level up, you rapidly gain experience such that by the end of the dungeon you will have nearly maxed out classes at your disposal. Defeating the Seamstress herself rewards players with a special new class!
  • The free DLC will be automatically downloaded to any existing Steam copies of Rainslick 3, and will be included as a free title update to the XBox 360 version. – The mobile and tablet versions of Rainslick3 will include ALL NEW interface


Rainslick3’s interface was revamped to function more comfortably on tablets and phones.

new features include:

  • An on-screen D-pad that can be “anywhere you touch” or locked to a single position
  • Touch based menus and on-screen toggles for easy and convenient selection battle menu revamped to make enemy and ability selection more intuitive via touch screen. Touch the command, touch the enemy to attack!
  • Phone versions include a higher-resolution text for easier reading on the small screen.

Bill Stiernberg:

 We’re pretty excited about this release. We have been working with TinkerHouse Games to produce the mobile version of Rainslick 3 and since Cthulhu iOS we have gained much valuable experience on what we want to do with this iOS product with a heavy focus on compatibility, interface and options.  I think it’s a great game to play on the go and looks fantastic on the iPad 3 and iPhone 4 that I have played through it on.  I can’t wait to see how people react to the revamped interface and to see how it does on the mobile / tablet market.

I’m also excited to finally bring the game to the Mac platform.  We and Penny Arcade really want to open up as many platform options for fans of these games as we can.   We know there’s not an insubstantial of Mac fans of Penny Arcade, and we think they’ll enjoy this game a great deal – so it’s an opportunity for us (Zeboyd) to finally reach some Mac owners for the first time (as our previous games were not released on the Mac).


Obviously all of us at HGD, our readers, followers and the RPG gaming community are just as excited and we can’t wait for this EPIC release!  We will have the links ready for you the day it happens! (tomorrow!)

Big CONGRATS to Zeboyd games!  You make us so proud!



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