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Indies Outside of Houston | February 6, 2013


Towards the end of December Houston Game Development decided it would be fun to reach out to other developers to help promote their work. The requirements were simple, tweet us a link of what you are doing and we’ll tweet about it and post a link to your group here. Unfortunately since HGD is a volunteer organization we fell behind on this article. However better late than never and here is a list of some indies from all over the place who participated during that tweet fest over the holidays!

Check out their links and support their work!

Laura Talladry

Run Games Run Games 

Martijn ThorigSmall Gaming


SUM Interactive SUM Interactive

TozSoftware TozSoftware

Newtz Games Newtz Games

Sebastián SuchoNeotko

domDungeon Bard

Be sure to check out the next time we ask for devs to send us their links. When will we do it again? Only time will tell!  So follow us @houstongamedev !




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