Sep 27

Foolish Aggro

A company by the name of Foolish Aggro has a very unique strategy when it comes to getting started in the world of iOS development.  By releasing their early efforts for free they are out to build up a fan base while providing great ‘on the go’ entertainment.  Their game for iOS is Pyroclasm,


This endless runner features a wonderfully Gothic Fantasy art style by Matt Gomez as the player controls what appears to be a fiery magic spell in search of gems to keep its dragon soul charged.  Look out for obvious things that conflict with this burning mass such as water fountains and ice shards.

Hitting things like bookshelves of spell books appears to enhance the fiery spell to a degree.  Could be dragons breath, I don’t know.  All I know is that it is very awesome and original.  It seems to be programmed well and the controls are solid.

Did I mention that it is free?  You should only be reading this if you are waiting on it to download.  So go pick it up here in the iOS App Store.

Interesting maneuvering Foolish Aggro.   Adam Alexander of the company explained it to me this way,

The goal of the company is to eventually be able to do it for a living (we
all have day jobs) ... to continue to create games that we want to play
ourselves and keep us excited.  We aren't in this for a quick buck, we are
passionate gamers who want to craft unique experiences.  In our future
releases, we plan to have better storytelling, tighter mechanics, and
possibly asynchronous multiplayer.

You can visit Foolish Aggro at their blog website and even check out an early prototype for an online game that seems to show a lot of promise.  It was mentioned that it was released in an unfinished state to get feedback and share their work.  These unique transparent methods of introducing themselves is a very welcome tactic and will surely get people interested in their craft.

We are very happy to have stumbled upon more Houston area developers.  Much like the mighty Zeboyd Games, this small team is also a tale of two cities.  Split between Dallas and Houston they appear to function well and are off to a great start.  In the golden age of digital communication, we are very fortunate to have one half of this dragon here in Houston.

We will keep a close eye on them and we look very forward to their development efforts in the future as should you.

Pyroclasm website





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  1. DragonDefenderz

    I downloaded this game. It’s ok, it’s pretty hard. I hope they come out with an update to ad more elements to it.

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